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Interior Design Elements – 7 Decorating Elements That Guide Experts and Novices

In interior design, there are 7 elements that guide experts and novices alike: SPACE, LINE, LIGHT, COLOR, FORM, TEXTURE AND PATTERN.

Whether you’re designing a new home or looking for some creative home decor ideas, the building blocks of decor are essential to understand and apply. Knowing how to master these basic elements will make the process much less stressful.
Space (Lines, Light & Color)

The space in which your room is designed will dictate how it looks and feels. The space must be organized in a way that reflects your unique style and personality.

Lines bring structure, creativity and a sense of direction to the space. They can be horizontal, vertical or dynamic, such as a staircase.
Accent Lighting

When choosing the light for your room, keep in mind where you want to draw focus. An accent lamp or a chandelier is a great option for highlighting a piece of art or a statement wall.

The use of patterns in a room can help elevate the atmosphere, create interest or simply add visual texture. But too many different patterns can be overpowering and jarring, so be careful to choose just one or two bold prints.
Furniture & Accessories

Incorporate colors that evoke a certain mood and attitude, such as greens, reds or yellows. These are often perceived as calming, soothing or even uplifting.

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