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What Is Architectural Service?
Architectural service involves the planning, designing, and construction of buildings and other structures. It is a complex process that requires the knowledge and skills of trained professionals. An architect is a licensed professional who can help clients design and plan their projects in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner.

In addition to basic services, architects can also offer supplemental services that are not included in the fee for basic services. These services can add to the overall cost of the project, but they are often necessary for the success of the project.

Programming, Schematic Design, and Construction Documentation
During the programming phase, an architect will identify the needs of a client, which is the foundation for all other design work. The architect will ask questions to gain a clear understanding of the clients needs, and then create a plan that meets those needs.

The schematic design phase is when the architect conceptually sketches a concept for the proposed building or structure. Depending on the type of project, this can range from a sketch to detailed drawings and elevations.

Once the design phase is complete, an architect will provide construction documents that outline the building’s design and specifications. These documents will be used by contractors to build the project, and they are an essential part of ensuring that the building is constructed correctly and meets all required standards.

Additional Construction Services
Many owners do not have a lot of experience with construction and what it can be like. An architect can guide the owner through the construction process, allowing them to make informed decisions and avoid common mistakes that can cost them money and ruin their project.

An architect can also act as a liaison between the owner and contractor during construction. They can help negotiate changes and alterations to the project, as well as provide advice on how to cut costs while maintaining the integrity of the original design.

These additional services may or may not be included in the fees for basic services, so it is important to check with an architect before committing to a project.

Throughout the design and construction process, an architect can help ensure that the project stays on budget and on schedule. This is usually done by negotiating pricing and contracts with contractors, and checking the quality of construction.

This type of negotiation is particularly helpful if the client is unfamiliar with how to go about lowering the cost of their project without compromising its integrity. An architect can help the client determine what price is reasonable, and then work with the construction company to keep the price as low as possible.

Another benefit of this type of negotiation is that it allows an owner to have a better idea of what their project will look like once it’s completed. Having an architect review the project before it’s completed can help a client make decisions about the layout and design of their home or business, as well as the types of materials that they want to use in the project.

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