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In Need of a Tax Accountant? Here Is a Guide for You!

A lot of people are struggling about tax return preparations. The process is tedious and complicated that most of us choose to hire a tax accountant or a CPA. Well, this is no longer new these days. According to studies, about 58% of the filed tax returns are actually prepared by the professionals.

But hiring a CPA or a tax accountant isn’t easy. It requires a lot of your time to make a good research before coming up with a final decision. Of course, you don’t want to end up getting the wrong person for this critical job.

A careful choosing is very essential here. You may get hundreds to thousands of names online. But, not all of them can be trusted. With scams ranging anywhere, it’s very essential that you take careful steps before deciding which one to hire. Now, how do you find a tax accountant you can really rely on? In this article, let’s go through three easy steps in finding the right tax accountant.


Just like in finding the best specialist, you need to get referrals. But, never settle with the first one you get. Gather at least three names of potential tax accountants. There can be different ways to get referrals. One is through trusted people such as your relatives, friends and colleagues. They might have used a tax accountant before. Ask about their experiences, whether good or bad. Another way is through searching the I.R.S. directory. You can even check national or state associations of the best tax accountants near you. Visiting different sites to get names of reliable professionals may take much of your time. However, this gives you a higher chance of finding the right one for you.


When you already have a list of professionals, it is time to narrow it down. What should you do? First things first. You check the credentials of the names you have in the list. Tax preparers who appears in the I.R.S. have most likely legitimate credentials. But if you get names through referrals, then you need to check the certifications they hold. They must be able to show a proof of their license. Aside from that, you need to spend time reading reviews. A lot of people are very expressive of their own experiences. You can take advantage of this to know how is it working with a certain tax accountant.


When you think that you have found the right person to help you, then you need to set an appointment. You can make a phone call or send them an email. A good professional will respond to you right away. During your first meeting, be sure to prepare a list of questions. This is the best time for you to determine how knowledgeable, skillful and experienced the tax accountant is. Aside from that, you need also to ensure that he or she makes you comfortable. The comfort level you feel with the professional is an essential factor for a smooth experience.

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