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Are You in Search for the Best Homeschool Math Curriculum? Look at the Points Below!

So, you have finally decided to look for a homeschool math curriculum that best fits your child!

If you are going to search the internet, you will find a number of them. No matter how good their claims are, it can be very confusing to determine which one suits best your child. You don’t just pick a math curriculum because it’s what most parents are using for their child. You have to bear in mind that every learner is unique. This would simply mean that what works for other kids may not give the same results with your own child. That is why it’s essential that you carefully make a research to ensure you get the one that best suits your child’s needs and interests.

This article is going to list down some points that you need to carefully go through when choosing a math curriculum. Remember, this is just a guide for a better decision making. This does not include a specific curriculum for you to try. But, you can always use these points as your guide. Are you ready? Then, let’s get started!

1. Determine if its a mastery based curriculum. A mastery based curriculum is a curriculum where exercises after each lesson are review problems. For instance, there is a certain topic being discussed in the book. Right after that topic or lesson, there are activities that tests whether the student understand the lesson. This is a good practice since it helps your child master the lesson well before proceeding to the next one.

2. Check the cost. Although you want the best curriculum for your child, you also want to make sure that you get something that is budget friendly. Fortunately, they have sites you can visit. This is the best place for you to go to check how much the curriculum costs. The cost may vary from one provider to another. You can check out different providers and decide which one has the most affordable price for you. Just make sure that it’s the curriculum you think is best for your child.

3. Identify the color or the book. Gone are the days where students are contented with black and white books. Today, students are more attracted to colorful pictures and books. This is especially true when you have graders. A colorful one motivates them to read and study more. That’s a fact you must accept. So when looking for a math curriculum, make sure that it’s colorful. But then, there is always an exception to the rule. There might be other children who gets easily distracted with colors. In this case, a black and white book suits them best.

4. Determine if it’s teacher intensive. Before you finally decide if the curriculum is the best for your child, you need to first identify how teacher intensive it is. Since your child is in homeschool, you will want a curriculum that promotes independence. A book that doesn’t require so much attention and preparation of the teacher is ideal. With this, you will not have to do a lot as your child learns by himself. But then again, your guidance is required.

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